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Most motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, usually a car or truck, and the motorcyclist and/or passenger are at the greatest risk of suffering severe and life-changing injuries.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by negligence, the Rodriguez Legal Group LLC is here to provide you with the strong advocacy you need. We are on the side of injured motorcycle riders and passengers. We are here to put many years of legal experience to work for you.  Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Chicago motorcycle accident attorney.

Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Careful, attentive drivers have no problem locating motorcycles on the road. All too often, however, careless drivers strike motorcycles and fall back on the excuse of: "I just didn't see them."

Typical motorcycle accident scenarios include:

  • A car pulling out in front of an oncoming motorcycle
  • A car changing lanes and swerving into a motorcycle in the adjacent lane
  • A car taking a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle

Whatever the cause of your accident, we can help you pursue compensation for all of the losses you have suffered, including medical bills, lost wages, bike repair or replacement, and pain and suffering. Rodriguez Legal Group LLC are experienced trial lawyers who knows how to prevail in motorcycle accident cases.

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